they are talking about us …

How could that happen?

It is 26th of January 2018. A man is coming to Otacpab to live here together with his family. The first 4 nights they all are sleeping under a tree. Cause no hut has been ready for use.

The neighbors a laughing about them. Also the way, this man is acting with wife and children is strange. They are shouting: “Stop it David!” when he is carrying the things from the market and is wife is going next to him. A lot of them distance themselves. This man must be thick or wrong in his head.

On 26th December 2019 the same man is calling the neighbors to acommodate a trouble between them. All around his authority is respected..

the small community building is developing and becoming a place for such things. Every time, David got known about gosping, lies or troubles around, he is calling the people. Under his leadership the people will begin to look for solutions, instead of going for isolation and fighting.

Again the people are talking about Ot Pa Wora. But now they are talking about the peace which is coming up in this small village with to many traumatizised ones. They are also about the people which stop drinking or begin to work more.

How could that happen?

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