a little bit crazy?

Iis it possible to move to a place you have never been before an rent an appartment, you habe never seen before?

My thoughts are going back to 12th February 2016.

We have been arrived in Kampala. with 4 suitcases, 5 packages and an empty bankaccount. We only knew, that we will not stay in a big city. But where should we go?

So I’m looking in Bweyale, where the father of our son in law has his business. By that I saw a german ministry in that town. I was writing a mail, to get in contact with them, asking for somebody we could meet there.

The german leader of that ministry has been just im Kampala. We have been talking and they offered to bring us to Bweyale.

An 20th February we are sitting in a car with people we dont know in our way to Bweyale.

Arriving at this place we knew, thats the place we should start. Also we met David for the first time.

Short time later we rented an appartment in Bweyale, we have never seen before, from Kampala. From there we started our first building in Uganda.

In September 2016 we moved into this grasthatched house.

A little bit crazy?

It may look like this. But if you want to bring following bible vers into practice, it is being on the way:

“My son, gve me your heart and let your eyes delight in my ways.” (Proverbs 23, 26 NIV)

I looks like, we are just doing it again. In April we will arrive in Germany with 4 suitcases, going to an appartment we have never seen before in a town we dont know.

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