27 Baptism in Otacpab

Since 02.01. we are now back in Otacpab after almost two years break. We are still curing our Omicron infection. As a triple-vaccinated, she is very mild. David had postponed the baptisms so that we could be there. So this day was a day of welcome and the big day for 27 baptized. The first two times we had baptized in the swamp. But the water quality is so bad that it was no longer reasonable. So David decided together with Bosco to build a baptismal font next to the community building. What a wonderful idea.

Unfortunately, they used ordinary cement for construction, so much of the water seeped away every time it was poured in. Some men had tried to fill the basin with water from the spring during the night. A lot of work without success.

What a challenge. I think David and Nelson worked well and hard at baptism. For some of the baptized, the experience was filled with fear, because they had never been underwater in their lives. So it was altogether solemn, funny. happy…

The whole thing was embedded in a 3 1/2 hour service. When Jörg asked David about the time frame for the sermon, he said 1h. Jörg replied that he had prepared for 2h, but would shorten. In the end, it was an intense good half hour.

Finally, David and Annett had prepared a surprise meal with posho, beans and rice. So we could pass on our prepared beans as an evening meal to our guard.

It was so different this time. So much more familiar and deeper. At the last two baptisms, the small group was still in hype about the whites. Many people came just because of us and because of the many benefits they promised themselves. In our two-year absence, a healthy community has grown together. With the result that the 27 baptized made up almost half of the community. So it was a strong community experience and, we feel, it will strengthen the community.

What a beautiful successful day and what a start into this new year 2022. We are curious to see what else it will bring.

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