Update to “He escaped”

Unfortunately Paul did not come back. He always had new excuses and stories ready, but not the courage to simply say: “I’m not coming anymore”.

This is now having an impact on our Village learning Center. Unfortunately, our two new instructors are not familiar with the learning concept of “Roots to Fruits”. Both come from a normal school operation, in which the children do not learn with questions, but through constant repetition.(see article Village Learning Centre)

An example of this, which we have experienced ourselves:

The headmistress of a school is on site and wants to do a learning control. The day before, the children had learned the terms “triangle”, “rectangle” and “circle”. To do this, the teacher pointed to the circle and said circle. Then the children repeat “circle” in the choir. This is now repeated again and again with the three terms. She could have said square when she pointed to the circle. 😉

So now the director comes, points to the circle and asks: “What is this?”

The children answer in chorus: “What is this?”

Ich hatte das Konzept von “Roots to fruits” entdeckt.

Unfortunately, the supporting organization is broken. The American leader has returned to the US for a while. As a result, a power struggle broke out among the remaining Ugandan leaders, which led to the destruction of the organization.

We still have the opportunity to get the teaching material. But there are only a few trained instructors. The former person responsible for the training, Jeremiah continues to work with the concept himself and David has a good contact with him. He will try to find a new person through him who can train our instructors. If that doesn’t work, we’ll send Sharon to him for a while.

Sharon with Jesse, her baby while reaching

Sharon has worked with a similar concept before, but needs a refresher. We saw it blossom in the new concept. We believe that you will be able to take on a leadership role in the Village Learning Center in the future.

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