Update to “He escaped”

Unfortunately Paul did not come back. He always had new excuses and stories ready, but not the courage to simply say: “I’m not coming anymore”. This is now having an impact on our Village learning Center. Unfortunately, our two new instructors are not familiar with the learning concept of “Roots to Fruits”. Both come from […]

Forgiveness – Ritual?!

In the last post “Telling stories” I had reported a little about how difficult it is for people in a shame culture to admit guilt. In order not to have to do this, people go different ways. One possibility is to tell stories. In the article “What a miracle” I had reported about the terrible […]

telling stories …

… that’s part of everyday life here. To make you a little more understandable what I mean by that, two examples. Thieves walk around here who offer stolen things “at the hut” for sale. The purchase is then often tempting cheap. However, you can get into significant problems for this. If a neighbor discovers that […]

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