“no main residence in Germany”

So it is in our identity cards. Our apartment is empty and passed. 15 months ago we had a similar situation, only all our furniture and household items were there embedded in a container box.

Now all things are gone, except for the 4 suitcases and 5 boxes (one is already in Kampala), which we will take. A large part we have sold and given away many other things.

How that feels? that’s a question we ask ourselves also. 😉 This you noted, we have no clear answer. I, Jörg, feel sometimes freed. Especially when heavy boxes were put away, in which things were that belong to us, I felt “ballast”.

The box is heavy in your hands. What makes it hard? Things that you’ve wrapped up 3 years ago in Hildesheim, she switched on in Radebeul and have unpacked and off again in the last apartment and have packed. In the intervening time they camped on a shelf without you taken notice of them have.

In addition, there is the feeling of uncertainty, in which we go.

We achieved this section. If we go in 2 weeks again to Dresden, we do it as a guest. Together with Corah, Malcolm, Dale (Malcolm mother from the USA), Joy, Sion Aron and we will stay for 3 weeks in Altreick and together make a “holiday”. Also a special experience in the same environment in which we lived.


Ich bin ein Narr für Christus. Geboren 1958 in Niedersachsen. Gearbeitet habe ich 10 Jahre als Finanzbeamter, 10 Jahre als Steuerberater und 10 Jahre als Personalsachbearbeiter. Seit 2014 bin ich überwiegend für das Reich Gottes unterwegs.

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