hard to believe

A friend of us is working with people who are disabled. Through her we got known from an organisation, what is bringing tools, for people who are disabled, inside Uganda.

We asked our David if there are some people with needs near to Ot Pa Wora.

Here comes our Report for three people which got blessed from God.

It is hard to believe. This man could not walk his whole lifetime. he went to school with flip-flops on his hands. He is working in the Field as a Farmer ans is father of seven children. take a look:

In the neighbourhood is living a woman, who had an Accident two years Ago. Since that time she needs help for walking and staying.

Now she is Standing at church. The worship starts, This Woman begins to dance with her tool: “Praise the Lord, I’m able to dance for Him again.”

Finally a Photo from a man. He is blind for long time and is happy to get an stick.


Ich bin ein Narr für Christus. Geboren 1958 in Niedersachsen. Gearbeitet habe ich 10 Jahre als Finanzbeamter, 10 Jahre als Steuerberater und 10 Jahre als Personalsachbearbeiter. Seit 2014 bin ich überwiegend für das Reich Gottes unterwegs.

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