Light dispels the darkness

You may remember our first time in Otacpab. At the opening of our community center, the officials of the region were also present.

They drew our attention to the fact that this small parish (village) in the vicinity has the most magic doctors and alcoholics. We were able to experience this enough in the following.

How often have nocturnal magic rituals with their monotonous drum rhythms and incantations kept us awake.

Neither David nor we felt called to fight it in the context of spiritual warfare. Of course, we have protected ourselves and the property accordingly.

This week, in our weekly phone call with David, we learned that almost all spell doctors have stopped or moved away. Isn’t that huge? Awesome, isn’t it?! The number of alcohol-addicted people has dropped sharply and the officials come to David and ask him how he did it. His answer is simple.

The light dispels the darkness, not because I do it, but because this place is light, because it is marked by God’s love for us.

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