Jackfruit – or how fertile is this land

In March 2019 we moved into our huts. Then we gradually planted the land, which was previously just overgrown with bush grass, and this is what it looks like now, 4 years later, in the evening:

It has become a small paradise and due to the environment, in which there are hardly any trees, it looks like an oasis. I would like to illustrate the fertility of this land with an example.

First of all, a sad story about the jackfruit tree. It was very common here in northern Uganda. People loved it and its delicious sweet fruits. Until one day a rumor arose and settled in the population. “If you plant a jackfruit tree, you’re dead two years later.” This has even led to the jackfruit trees being cut down. This has persisted to this day. Now there are 2 such trees with us and we and David are still alive. That’s what David tells the neighbors when they anxiously ask.

We planted our tree on October 19th, 3 1/2 years ago, as can be seen in the following photo:

It’s possible that you don’t even recognize him. Therefore, here is the same photo with a small enlargement:

That’s how the tree is looking today:

There are a total of 10 fruits. They gradually mature. This can be seen very clearly in the sweet scent that spreads. When you harvest them, you always need a larger group for immediate consumption.

Of course, we have already slaughtered one of these fruits, it weighed 11kg. To do this, it is first halved and then divided into quarters. These quarters are then cut into manageable pieces or the fruit pockets are detached from the peel, the seed kernel is removed and served on a plate. The single bag is firm to the bite and very cute. For this reason alone, it is not possible to eat much of it. But sooooo delicious.

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