“He escaped”

“Something bad happened.” With these words David came to us last night. Paul wanted to use Monday night to get his mattress. So far he had only one mat and the mattress was still at his old workplace, about 60km away.

So David saw him leaving the property on Monday evening with his bag on his back. “I’ll be back tomorrow morning.” With these words he left. When he didn’t return, David tried to call him, but his phone was turned off. Then someone said that he had seen that he had taken all his things with him. David quickly looked into his hut and saw that he had taken everything with him.

He is escaped – he ran away

No one has an explanation for this. David and Paul had agreed on the terms of the employment contract.

Everyone was so happy because it was going so well, the children, David, the parents, Sharon and Agnes… and also Paul himself. You could see how much he enjoyed it. He would also have been the right person to train new instructors for other villages.

He is escaped – he ran away

We are stunned and in Uganda. It is one of the ways to leave one’s workplace. It has happened that an employee disappeared because a neighbor passed by the fence who knew him and knew something shameful about him. Then they walk wordlessly and turn off the phone.

At Paul we are…

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